Hello, I'm Samir Makwana!

Welcome to my professional site. I have been working in content, specializing in consumer technology since 2006. I started as a journalist and progressed to writing blogs and features like Reviews, How Tos, Guides, and Tutorials. I've worked on short form for mobile and long form content for web for over 16 years.

7-Fitness Planning


Strategic approach



Goals and Targets

19-Fitness Planning


Repeating success

What motivates me?

I've always wanted to help people solve their daily problems and get the most out of the tech and gadgets they own.


Better content

Being able to create content that helps people to use their gadgets better and solve their daily tech problems.


Step by step

I help figure out the best strategies and approaches to plan, create, and manage content in a well-organized manner.


Awesome results

I take time to monitor, track, and analyze results to keep improving the content so it reaches more people.

Success Stories